Kul Runnings – Hard Work, Blood,
Sweat, Tears… and SOUL!!!
by: Jeff Hightower
Back to the nest...
There are men and women out there who are
grizzled and tough as iron.  You just can’t knock
them down.  And a few of them can translate this
into their music.  Deep from within the heart of
Texas is a group of musicians who have forged
their way forward with sheer power of will and
pure rock-n-roll music.  The Kul.

They’re not your parent’s rock-n-roll band.  
They take music to a whole new level.  It’s funk,
soul, rock, blues and a lot of heart.  A
combination of sounds that brings the music to
new places.
They rely on an original sound based from killer hooks of pure groove.  It’s raw and dirty, like rock should
be.  The vocal from Johnny Lenix are reminiscent of 70’s starts such as Hendrix, Clapton and Phil Lynott.  
Johnny describes the band’s sound as, “A musical rollercoaster of emotions, every song is written from true
life experiences.”  Strong guitar riffs and astounding solos are provided by “Great” Dane Manshack and
Andrew Supulski.  The rock solid foundation is laid by bassist Ashley Jeans and drummer Trey Alfaro.  
Together, they create an unbreakable house of blues based rock sound with power and groove.

Although they have opened for the likes of legendary rocker’s Lita Ford and Bret Michaels, these guys are
way too good to be just an opening act.  Listen to their initial cd “Soul 4 Gold” and hear a rainfall of
versatility and various sounds that make them stand out among an already flooded music scene.

Currently the band has just released their follow up album, “Damage is Done”.  They describe it as, “An
emotional awakening and introspective awareness”.   In down to earth terms, it’s rock-n-roll.  Pure and
simple.  Just as it was intended to be.  And that’s something we’re all in need of.  If you have the opportunity
to see The Kul live, strap in, because it's going to be one heck of a ride.
Andrew Supulski - Guitar       Johnny Lenix - Vocals            Ashley Jeans - Bass            Trey Alfaro - Drums          Great Dane - Guitar
The Players:
The Kul - Everyday (Live at the Gas Monkey Bar & Grill)